Group Managing Director Pang Tse-Ming and his team at EP Plus Group have mastered the art and science of marketing pharmaceutical products. Smart strategies and innovative ideas come into play.

In the RM6 billion Malaysian pharmaceutical industry, only a handful of companies specialise solely in sales and marketing. With thousands of prescription and over-the-counter products, competition is very tough. But one home-grown company, EP Plus Group, has tasted sweet success selling millions of doses of various products. Turnover has grown from RM10 million in 2005 to RM20m in 2009 and expected to reach RM60m in 2015. What is the secret recipe? Founder and Group Managing Director, Pang Tse-Ming (VCE-16 member) is not telling all, but says that strategic marketing, unwavering focus and a huge dose of innovation are the ingredients.

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