Diarrhea is a bigger problem than most are willing to admit. It is a conversation that many people find uncomfortable to talk about and perceive to be a “gross” or "dirty" topic. Others might even find it embarrassing to talk about. However, it is certainly a topic that requires more attention as it is a recurring part of our lives. Besides health threats, diarrhea also causes lower productivity in the workplace, decreasing self-confidence and impeding social lives.

These issues were addressed in the "Take a Stand with Smecta" virtual media event that took place recently, and the brand, Smecta, introduced its medical solution to treat and provide relief for diarrhea by using diosmectite, a natural edible clay. Upon consuming the oral suspension- Smecta, a protective layer will form on the intestine to promote faster recovery of damaged intestinal lining caused by diarrhea.

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